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          Since times immemorial jewellery has carried a load of meanings. It is an ornament of the body and dress, investment, an expression of emotions–from beautiful to aggressively destructive ones–it is information for the viewer and the historian, topic of study for the archaeologist and psychologist, object created by the master and the amateur, prop of the artist and kabbalist, symbol of power and mourning, political and religious manifesto, an object of  beauty or kitsch. It has always accompanied people.

          Nowadays, the notion of jewellery is particularly often defined. Jewellery is described with a lot of adjectives. It is artistic, conceptual, serial, historical, noble, minimalist, prehistoric, recyclable, virtual, post-something, trendy and passé, classic and modern, individual and commercial…

         So what is it like today, here and now? What is it like in Poland? What is like in Europe? It is various. But it rarely conveys the quality which could be termed as a narrative understood as a clear commentary, protest, negation, acclaim or question. Today jewellery “looks”, is “designer” or “branded” but it no longer sends signals (well, maybe except for devotional articles). It merges with the owner and her/his staffage; it is of little importance.

          On social network sites or in private conversations we talk on various topics: social, political, medical, ecological, etc. To make these opinions less transitory, we want to encourage you to perpetuate them through goldsmithing techniques, to express them through jewellery or objects. We want to give you a chance to make a statement on the issues which make you glad or sad, which delight or irritate you in a message clear for the recipient.

          We are not going to narrow down the problems which the artists should address but we do request you to exclude from the discussion topics closely related to religion and religious symbols. There are many, perhaps too many, such statements, especially in today’s Poland and Europe. We do not want to make the task of participants too easy.

          There are no restrictions as to the techniques and material used, but considering it should be a jewellery exhibition, please submit works that require the use of goldsmithing techniques.

          The  participants are asked to title to their pieces; it may make it easier for the audience to understand their message. The pieces can be complemented by text or visual material in 2D or 3D format, max. size 20 x 20 x 5 cm. Please, note that the visualization without the object does not fit into the formula of the exhibition. For technical reasons, visualization in the form of a file requiring the use of a monitor or projector will not be presented at the exhibition or in the catalogue.

            The first exhibition of the project “In My Opinion… Jewellery With a Message” took place in Kraków on 7-9 June during the Jubinale Fair. Information on upcoming exhibitions can be found in the tab Project Calendar at www.in-my-opinion.info.


 Conditions of participation in the project “In My Opinion…”

1. Each participant can send one to three pieces (a set counts as one piece). The organizers qualify pieces for the exhibition and reserve the right to decide about its final shape. The works whose content violates the law of the European Union, which are too derivative, without a message or whose message creates division will not be accepted. We expect high standards of artistic statements.


2. The address for sending the entered works, at any stage of the ongoing project, is:  GALERIA OTWARTA, 27-600 Sandomierz, Rynek 2 (the receipt of piece will be confirmed by email). Deadlines for entering pieces for subsequent installments of the project can be found at the website of the project (www.moimzdaniem.info).

The pieces should be delivered, at the expense of the artist, in packaging which will protect them from damage. The packaging must be resuable and clearly marked with the name and surname of the artist.


3. To be considered for the exhibition, the artists are required to send a properly filled out Entry Form, Piece Description Form (downloadable from www.moimzdaniem.info) and an image of their item(s). Each piece requires a separate Entry Form, Piece Description Form and an image. They can be sent as printouts to the address given in clause 2 or by e-mail to the address: wystawa@moimzdaniem.info.

4. All entered pieces, meeting the regulations and created in accordance with the project requirements, will be photographed on a white background, will be photographed against a white background. In order to prevent mistakes or critical remarks after the publication of the photographs in the catalogue/booklet  it is mandatory to attach a photograph of the work (e.g. taken with a mobile phone) presenting its proposed arrangement. Please do not send old pieces supplied with new ideology.

5. The photographs taken for the purposes of the exhibition will be sent to the e-mail address of the artists; the artists are permitted to publish them in all media forms on condition of printing the following copyright note: photo by ©www.pb-studio.pl, jewellery exhibition “In my opinion…”

The artist, being the proprietor of the work, allows the Organizer indefinitely, free of charge and without any subjective or object restrictions to use and publish the images of the said work sent by the artist for the exhibition. The consent covers: the use, preservation, processing, reproduction, archiving, public sharing, as well as creation, storage and use of backup copies as well as the publication of the said work via any medium, including electronic version in the global WWW (Internet) network and in printed form.

6. The pieces will remain at the disposal of the organizers to be available for prospective exhibitions in Poland and abroad for at least a year. With the consent of the artist, this deadline may be extended.

7. Depending on the choice made by the artist in the Entry Form and Piece Description Form, the entered pieces will (or will not) be offered for sale. By marking an appropriate box in the Piece Description Form the artist declares his/her consent (or lack thereof) for the sale. As far as the artist’s price and invoice are concerned, the  organizers  will be guided by the information contained in the Piece Description Form. The financial settlement will be made directly between the artist and the seller. The organizers do not act as sales agents and therefore do not charge commission on the transaction. In the case of sale, the artist undertakes to recreate the work before the next installment of the project.

8. The organizers will endeavour to ensure safe transportation and exhibition conditions but they cannot accept material responsibility for the possible damage/loss of the piece. That is why the participation of the artists is free of charge. In the case when the transportation/exhibition is insured, any compensation for the destruction/loss will be transferred to the artist.


9.  Each institution hosting the exhibition has the right to invite new participants.


10. The organizers, in consultation with the institutions offering spaces for subsequent installments of the project, reserve the right to decide on the final form of the exhibition. The project will be dynamic. If there is no possibility to display all pieces, the pieces of the most recently invited artists will be given priority. Therefore, it may happen that after some time the works submitted for the first show will give way to the ones which were entered later. However, their constant presence in the project will be ensured by photographic documentation permanently present on the website, and also they will be included in the final catalogue published on the completion of the project. If new pieces entered by the already participating artist are a commentary to the pieces entered earlier, the they will be shown together, unless exhibition conditions make it impossible.



11. Before each installment of the project the artist will have a right to supplement his/her statements by entering another piece on condition that he/she will not withdraw the pieces submitted earlier; moreover, all pieces accepted at any stage of  the project will be permanently preserved in the form of their photographic documentation. Once the statement has been publicly presented, the project does not allow for its withdrawal; it can be only modified by subsequent pieces.


12. Each new installment of the project will have its own booklet or similar publication supplementing the catalogue released for the first show.



13. Until the termination of the project, every year in June there will be an exhibition during the Jubinale Fair in Kraków.

14 The decision to terminate the project will be taken by the organizers. At its completion the organizers are planning the publication of the final catalogue including the documentation of all the pieces presented at the intermediate stages of the project.

15. Material accumulated in connection with the project will be filed and donated to institutions collecting information about contemporary art goldsmithing.



16. The participation in the project is free of charge.

17. The costs of sending the pieces for the exhibition and returning them will be covered by the artist. The pieces will be sent as a registered parcel  mail with declared value or courier parcel insured to the value of the artist’s price of the piece.

18. To finance the  cost of the catalogue, it will include sponsors’ advertisements. The participants of the project are also welcome to buy advertising space in the catalogue. Upon the payment of a fee, it is also possible to place your advertisement at the website of the project: www.moimzdaniem.info.

19. The costs of exhibitions (reimbursement of accommodation and travel expenses for the organizers, the setting up of the exhibition, costs of printing posters and booklets)  will be incurred by host institutions; the costs of preparing photographic documentation, typesetting, editing and graphic design will be covered by the organizers.

20. We kindly beg institutions and individual people to support the project financially (Contact: wystawa@moimzdaniem.info).


21. To promote the project, we have created the website www.moimzdaniem.info and a Facebook  Fan Page https://www.facebook.com/wystawamoimzdaniem/

22. The planned publications include a catalogue issued for the first exhibition; the final catalogue released at the completion of the project; and booklets/leaflets documenting all intermediate stages.

23. Each installment of the project will be accompanied by a poster  designed and issued by the  organizers in cooperation with the host institution, and a booklet with newly submitted pieces.

24. In all matters not provided for in the regulations, please contact the Galeria Otwarta in Sandomierz. Please contact us by email (wystawa@moimzdaniem.info).



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