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          Since times immemorial jewellery has carried a load of meanings. It is an ornament of the body and dress, investment, an expression of emotions–from beautiful to aggressively destructive ones–it is information for the viewer and the historian, topic of study for the archaeologist and psychologist, object created by the master and the amateur, prop of the artist and kabbalist, symbol of power and mourning, political and religious manifesto, an object of  beauty or kitsch. It has always accompanied people.


          Nowadays, the notion of jewellery is particularly often defined. Jewellery is described with a lot of adjectives. It is artistic, conceptual, serial, historical, noble, minimalist, prehistoric, recyclable, virtual, post-something, trendy and passé, classic and modern, individual and commercial…


         So what is it like today, here and now? What is it like in Poland? What is like in Europe? It is various. But it rarely conveys the quality which could be termed as a narrative understood as a clear commentary, protest, negation, acclaim or question. Today jewellery “looks”, is “designer” or “branded” but it no longer sends signals (well, maybe except for devotional articles). It merges with the owner and her/his staffage; it is of little importance.

The next exhibition
6 August 2022 - January 2023
Museum of Goldsmithing Art, Kazimierz Dolny


The idea of ​​organizing this exhibition was born in the course of numerous conversations in Sandomierz, at the Open Gallery run by Mariusz Pajączkowski. It is not new; already in 2013 Michał Gradowski, who supported it, expressed his opinions and  offered many valuable suggestions.



The idea has evolved for quite a long time, the final impulse came from Andrzej Sadowski, the organizer of the Jubinale fair, who convinced us to make a show during the June meeting of artists goldsmiths. Andrzej Pacak offered his support and exhibition space at the London Magan Gallery, whereas Marek Nowaczyk, the “biological” father of the jewellery festival in Legnica, offered his help, knowledge and experience.



This proposal is also an invitation for you to join our artistic Hyde Park. The four people, mentioned below, arbitrarily proclaimed themselves the organizers of the exhibition. And they split up the roles as follows:

Andrzej Sadowski – patron of the discussion club

Marek Nowaczyk – substantive moderator of the discussion

Mariusz Pajączkowski – technical moderator of the discussion

Andrzej Pacak – all-round moderator of the discussion


Anna Rojkowska – translation and editing

Honorary patrons
Media Partners
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