In My Opinion... in Gdańsk. The first day with the viewers

On Saturday, the 24th of July, the first visitors to the Amber Museum also could see our exhibition. We were surprised by the number of viewers. At times, it was really crowded. See the photos to the left.

It must be mentioned that on that day there were several extremely "energetic" reports in various media, including TVP Info and the local TVP 3. The exhibition was charged with being "biased", "political" and "out of place".

Well, controversies surrounding art (including goldsmithing) are nothing new in Poland. Attitudes towards social and political issues are highly polarised.

Criticism and indignation, especially on the Internet, certainly are and will remain incomprehensible to most visitors and artists. Why? Well, we will not give details because the value of these opinions is, to say the least, problematic. We merely note this fact.


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